Flea & Tick Preventative Powder
Flea & Tick Preventative Powder
Flea & Tick Preventative Powder

Flea & Tick Preventative Powder

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The Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Garlic

Why would you add garlic to your dog’s dish?

The reason why our Brush Creek family adds fresh out of the garden garlic to dog food is because it has many health benefits.

• Tick/Flea Repellent: It won’t kill the fleas and ticks, but those little buggers don’t like the taste of it ...

• Immune System Boost: Garlic has proven to do wonders with dogs with suppressed immune systems and as well has those fighting cancer ...

• Liver Boost: Garlic is known to have detoxifying effects, which can help the liver get rid of toxins from the body.

Amy Tokic, Editor of PetGuide.com

We advise to start with a low amount to gain a significant health reward. Your dog’s digestive tract has been our main frame in captivating a natural dog repellent recipe. As you can see there are many benefits this great powdered garlic can provide. However, moderation is very important when digesting garlic, like any vitamin or mineral. Too much garlic for a canine can be potentially toxic.

Here’s a guide on the garlic levels safe for dogs per day, based on a dog’s weight (1/2 clove per ten pounds of body weight): Fresh Garlic (from The Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Pitcairn)

10 to 15 pounds: .5 clove

20 to 40 pounds: 1 clove

45 to 70 pounds: 2 cloves

75 to 90 pounds: 2.5 cloves

100 pounds +: 3 cloves

Here at Brush Creek Shop we harvest our own garlic and prepare your canines with our ready to eat garlic that is dried and then grounded to the right amount your canine needs to stay safe and healthy.


*Some canine breeds are more sensitive to garlic than others, so take your dog’s breed into consideration when you are working towards a healthier way to keep your furry friends free from tick and flea’s. In fact, it’s always worth consulting with your vet before making any substantial change to your dog’s diet. Just to be safe.