De-Matting Rake
De-Matting Rake
De-Matting Rake
De-Matting Rake

De-Matting Rake

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De-Matting Rake

Does your pet get easily matted between grooms and need a little assistance? Try our De-Matting Dog Brush which is available in two sizes to suit all breeds of dogs and sizes. Easily remove mats, and knots and help lift up the undercoat to reduce hair droppings.

  • Helps to take out knots and mats
  • Available in Small and Large
  • Available in Pink and Blue
  • Perfect for in-between grooms
  • Soft Handle for easy holding

How to use: At Von Hound and Friends we recommend spraying a bit of water over your pet's coat before brushing. Once done stroke the brush in the same direction as your pets fur to not only smoothen the overall coat but to help remove any dirt, undercoat and knots.

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